here I am sitting with a ridiculous smile plastered on my face watching the video of them on red carpet. Besides them being literally the cutest humans on the planet, I’m just SO proud and I get these emotional bursts when I just want to hug them forever and just remind them how great they are.

Today “Runaway” came on shuffle, and I swear the little series of 2011 songs (HNA, Rest of You, Here I Go, etc.) makes me more emotional than anything because those are the songs I always thought of as being such a huge leap from where they started, and those are the songs I always considered new and different because those were the ones made when they first moved to Nashville and everything started changing. And all of a sudden, it’s like two years FLEW and that dream skyrocketed and that huge leap got even bigger, and now they’re here, living in LA, about to release an album and getting all these crazy opportunities thrown at them.¬†

It’s still surreal to see them walking on a red carpet, or hearing them on the radio when I’m just hanging out. And physically watching this fan base ¬†grow and watching their dreams come true has been beautiful and incredible and to think that this is literally only the beginning, it makes me so excited and happy and proud to have these two beauties in my life.

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